A STUDENT burst into tears of joy after winning an award for a piece of creative work.

The Dan Hemingway Memorial Award is given to a sixthformer at Oxford’s Cherwell School for artwork in memory of the ex-pupil who was killed in a road accident.

Sara Middleton won the award for her A1-sized ink drawing on fabric which took three weeks to complete.

The art prize has helped discover many talents over the years including Guardian journalist Hannah Forbes Black, Sun cartoonist David Trumble and singer songwriter Daniel Zappi.

The prize counts Goodies star Graeme Garden and musician and producer Miles Waters among its judges.

Dan Hemingway died in 1991, aged 19, after being knocked down while cycling along the A40 on Christmas morning.

He had gained a place at the University of St Andrews, and was an aspiring writer.

Mr Hemingway’s mum, Sue, who is also a judge, said: “The standard is always very high but this was a very interesting piece of art work, very detailed and if you look at it again and again you will see something different.

“Sara isn’t studying art subjects but sciences and I think it was really refreshing that someone entered something artistic and creative as a scientist. When we give the award it’s almost like Dan’s still here.

“We hope it’s very fitting for him as he liked writing, he liked music and he was interested in art.”

Miss Middleton who is studying physics, chemistry and geography took 40 hours to complete the work, doodling something that reflected her emotions each day.

The 18-year-old, who lives in Queens Avenue, Kidlington, said: “I was very, very shocked and burst into tears of joy.

“I usually underestimate myself and I’m not used to winning but it’s finally sinking in now.

“This has encouraged me to do more art and creative things in future.”

Clark Lawfull, who is acting director of the sixth form in Marston Ferry Road said: “I thought it was a fantastic piece of art and there’s so much going on in an intricate and busy piece.”

Miss Middleton won £350 and intends to spend the money on travelling during a gap year.