Paddy Luscombe has every reason to be excited — he‘s got a lot going on. As well as being the founder and continued promoter of the Free Beer Show, he‘s got a new night, which launched last month, Live At The Regal. It then operates monthly on a Saturday with the likes of Richard Herring, Jim Jefferies and Russell Kane already booked. The night’s aim, Luscombe says, is to get the best talent from TV panel shows and into the Regal.

“It’s all very exciting really” he says. “What we want, is to get the best comedians we can, acts you won’t find touring normally and get them playing for a live audience.”

Luscombe’s pedigree as a comedy promoter is impeccable, he’s run the Free Beer Show at the Cellar since 2004 and it sells out most weeks. During its six years, it has hosted the likes of Russell Howard and Russell Brand who’ve gone on to become superstars. But with the Regal holding over 900 people, does this have the potential to be too much of a step up?

“I’m a bit nervous about it, but I’ve got a blueprint in that when we’ve had Reg Hunter or Stewart Lee and they’ve sold out the Cellar so quickly we’ve had to upgrade and I’ve used the Regal to do that.”

Luscombe’s double act does face some competition, though. Oxfordshire has never had more comedy to offer, with the New Theatre, North Wall and Cornerstone, in Didcot, all regularly hosting comics, and now Glee Club to contend with.

Luscombe doesn’t seem too worried by this though. “I think what we do is very different to Glee Club” he says. “I have nothing against what they do, but their format is very strict and set, and with some of the more avant garde comedians we’ll host they’d just fall apart in those surroundings. What we do is less regulated and less homogenised.”

Given Luscombe now has more scope to book bigger acts and a much wider choice, which comedians is he itching to book?

“I’d love to book more North American comedians, particularly Doug Stanhope, who I just think is great. I’m really pleased to get Jim Jefferies as he’s making lots of money in LA and I didn’t think would want to tour again. We’d love to get Rhys Darby back.”

With the night already boasting one sold-out show, any comedian would be unwise to bat away an invitation from Luscombe. Judging by what he’s achieved so far, Live At The Regal will be a brilliant addition to Oxford’s comedy nights.

Live At The Regal runs monthly on the third Saturday of the month. Tickets can be bought from or by calling 01865 241261.