IF PROOF were needed, it is there for all to see in full colour.

Oxford city centre is a mess on a Saturday morning.

And, for that, also read Sunday morning and probably a good chunk of the week as well.

What is perhaps remarkable is by the time you park and wander into town for the shopping trip, it looks relatively spick and span again.

All credit to the city council’s street cleaning team for its efforts.

It’s a job most of us do not envy.

We focus on Gloucester Green because that is a gateway to the city – the first place many people see when they get off a bus.

The £1m cost for keeping the city centre clean is huge.

And, as is pointed out in today’s story, it could be better spent elsewhere, especially in these tight economic times.

The problem? How do you persuade a beered-up clubber to put his litter in the bin?

Perhaps businesses, such as the takeaway joints in Cornmarket Street, could be persuaded to keep the areas in front of their shops in better shape.

However, when it comes down to it, surely the responsibility must fall on the litter droppers?