PENNY Little (Oxford Mail, September 9) is correct in her assertion that bovine TB is almost certainly caused by “harsh and inhumane farming”.

The dairy cow is programmed to produce 10 times the amount of milk required by the calf and because of its enforced lifestyle, it is routinely pumped with drugs etc, resulting in its immune system being severely compromised.

There is no evidence that badgers are transmitting TB to cattle and the transmission may well be from cattle to badgers.

However, David Cameron has promised the farmers prior to the last election, that he would massacre the badgers (the term ‘cull’, is a euphemism designed to conceal the reality).

He ignores not only the scientific evidence but also the Court of Appeal in Wales, where the ‘cull’ has been halted.

When the slaughter of the badgers fails to remedy the problem, unscrupulous farmers will blame some other species.

Of course, like most politicians, Cameron kept the matter ‘under wraps’ before being elected, just as he did with his intention to scrap the hunting ban and the media were happy to connive in this deception. However, having conned his way into number 10, he is now revealing his intentions.

The citizens of Witney have much to answer for by electing such a man.

PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford