“ANGRY and rejected” at being spurned by a woman on a night out, Yassin Mohamed reacted by dragging a stranger off the street and raping her.

His 19-year-old student victim, picked at random, was walking home from an Oxford nightclub when he grabbed her from behind and told her not to scream or he would kill her.

Described as enacting “every woman’s worst nightmare” 25-year-old Mohamed, of Aston Street, East Oxford, was jailed for nine years at Oxford Crown Court yesterday after admitting three rape charges and theft.

At 3.20am on March 16, he pushed the woman into the unlit grounds of St Clement’s Church, in East Oxford, and started “a humiliating series of sexual acts” that lasted until after 6am.

Ann Evans, prosecuting, said the victim was walking home alone from Lava Ignite, in Park End Street, after “a minor argument with her friend” when she heard footsteps coming up behind her.Mrs Evans said: “She turned around and saw a young black male who quickly grabbed her around her neck from behind.

“She was then forced into the graveyard along Marston Road as she was brutally raped, then blindfolded and taken back to a house where she was (raped).

“Having subjected her to this ordeal, her attacker then forced her to shower herself and walked her out on to the street where he told her to count to three and run away. Shortly after she had been let go, her bank card was used to remove £300 from her account — the offender having forced her to tell him her PIN.”

The victim, who had never had sex before, suffered 13 injuries to her neck and head and was too distressed to have a full doctor’s examination.

Mohamed, known as Bobby, was arrested the following day as he played football in Wheatley having gone on a “spending spree” with the stolen money.

He initially denied any contact with the victim and only entered guilty pleas earlier this month.

Andrew Lewis, defending, quoted a statement from his client. It read: “I know I did something wrong.

“I have got four sisters of my own. I have completely messed up her (the victim) life.”

Mr Lewis said Mohamed, who had no previous convictions and sobbed through the hearing, came from a good family containing a lawyer, a medical student and a woman who works for a charity for abused women.

He said his actions could have been triggered by feeling “angry and rejected” at being rebuffed by another woman earlier the same night.

Judge Julian Hall said: “This was every woman’s worst nightmare.

“To be picked off the street and simply abused in this way.

“For a period of about three to three and a half hours she was at your mercy.”