NEIGHBOURS came together across Oxford as street parties stopped traffic around the city.

More than 20 outdoor gatherings took place over the weekend as communities united over food, films and entertainment.

The charity Oxford Streets for People has put on 54 street parties this summer, of which 26 were held yesterday and today.

In Divinity Road, East Oxford, residents sang and danced the night away to Abba with an open-air showing of the film Mamma Mia! last night.

Organiser Andy Roscoe said: “It went really well, with about 200 people here.

“There was a really nice mix of people. About two thirds were residents and the others were new students who were here for the first time.

“Everyone was singing and enjoying themselves.”

It is the 10th year neighbours have put on al fresco films in Divinity Road – which also hosted a street meal in the summer.

Mr Roscoe added: “We sold food and had the Horns Aplenty marching band.

“We showed Donald Duck cartoons for the children and then Mamma Mia!

“Now that it is our 10th year we have invested in some new sound equipment to make it a bit more professional.

“It is firmly established and we will be doing it again next year. Of all the street events we do, this is probably the most popular.”

Elsewhere in the city, a tug-of-war took place between residents of Havelock Road and Clive Road, in Cowley, and street parties co-ordinator Richard Bradley, from the Oxford Civic Society, organised a party in Quarry Hollow.

Ahead of the event, 63-year-old Mr Bradley said: “Street parties are a great British tradition, but tend to happen at national celebrations like jubilees and coronations. They do not tend to happen so much at other times.

“Oxford is at the forefront of reviving street parties across the country, and many of them happening this year are taking place for the first time.

“It is very much up to individual streets to decide what they want to do. There are common themes with food, music and games, but other things are much more specific.”

He added: “Over the years, we would like to see them much more regularly and without any prompting. We want to see streets getting together and a greater sense of neighbourlinesss.”

Other neighbourhoods throwing street parties included Bowness Avenue, Hayfield Road, Highfield, Iffley Fields, New Headington, St Leonard’s Road, Sunningwell Road and Wharton Road. There was also an event in Cumnor.