The Coalition Government have now confirmed the worst, and we read in the press that farmers are to be given a licence to kill badgers in a revenge spree in which the inoffensive badger is scapegoated for bovine TB – a problem almost certainly caused by harsh and inhumane farming practices.

Thus, those responsible for the problems are being handed licences to wreak misery upon a wild species which can do nothing to protect itself from the onslaught.

The Government’s decision flies in the face of all the scientific evidence and is the worst sort of hypocritical posturing to appease the powerful farming lobby.

Two can play at that game, and I suggest to all concerned people that they boycott, forthwith, all British dairy products in protest at this carnage.

There are plenty of alternatives in the shops, and people can choose to buy from alternative countries of origin, or, better still, do their own health a favour and choose non-dairy alternatives. The Coalition can be punished at the next General Election.

We cannot sit by and let the Government pander to trigger-happy landowners and bloodsports enthusiasts in the way they are doing at present. The work of scores of decent people over many decades will be undone if we allow it to be.

It is not enough to sit and enjoy Springwatch once a year. We have to demonstrate that we will not tolerate the cruelty which is inflicted upon the wild creatures that fascinate and move us so much.

Penny Little, Cobb Hall Cottage, Back Way, Great Haseley