The mendaciousness of Tony Blair was apparent to all us anti-hunt campaigners as long ago as 1998, when he sabotaged Michael Foster’s Private Member’s Bill, which would actually have banned hunting effectively – unlike the weak law that finally clawed its way on to the Statute Book in 2004.

Blair now admits in his book that he made it his business to weaken the Hunting Act, and ordered Hazel Blears, who was then in charge of the police, to instruct them not to enforce the law.

This morning I was tipped-off about a fox cub hunt near here, and I witnessed cub hunting conducted as it always has been. Blair would have been thrilled.

He has now shamelessly revealed that he feels no remorse for declaring war on Iraq, but he does feel remorse for banning hunting.

Clearly the carnage unleashed on human beings has not sated him, and he desires full rein on cruelty to defenceless animals as well. What a fine advert for Christianity he is.

Disgusted? That just doesn’t come near.

Penny Little, Cobb Hall Cottage, Back Way, Great Haseley