THERE is no real villain of the piece in the likely demise of Oxsrad because of an unpaid (or unpayable) photocopier bill.

The Oxford and District Sports and Recreation Association is in dire straits because of its £48,000 debt and a county court order to pay up.

The charity says it can’t pay and could be served with a winding up order.

It would be laughable if it was not such a tragedy. This fine organisation has provided sports facilities for disabled groups for two decades.

As many similar organisations have found, you can do many good things for the community, but you need to ensure that you are as businesslike as you can be.

The photocopying firm and rental company could be painted as the pantomime villains, but they are businesses and have a legally binding contract.

It is not really for them to waive what is owed. And you cannot lambast the individuals at Oxsrad for entering into the deal.

But all the fine work done over many years could now end because the charity could not sustain a financial commitment it had made.

And it will be disabled groups who suffer if Oxsrad does close.

We hope some miracle solution is found – and that other charities take notice of Oxsrad’s plight and ensure they do not get into such jeopardy.