EARLIER in August, 18 months or so after the closure of Peers Pool, I swam with the famous Sunday Larks at Barton Pool where they have relocated.

The Larks are a shadow of their former selves, and are constricted by having to squeeze their session in with the general public, and not having the freedom to practice all the water confidence exercises in which they once excelled.

They can no longer dive – the deep end being only about 5ft deep. And there is no handrail to cling on to at the side to facilitate kicking exercises.

What really galls me, though, is the apparent lack of interest shown by anyone from the council in a group which was so successful for 30 years or more.

They should have been proud that they facilitated such a fit, successful, keen, creative group of older swimmers.

Having had to swallow a very bitter pill in realising that the powers that be did not care, I really feel for those who are now campaigning to save Temple Cowley Pool.

Having campaigned so hard to save Peers Pool, I fear there is nothing they can do to save Temple Cowley.

City councillors may listen but I suspect they have already made their decision to close the pool.

I really wish I could be proved wrong, but I think that’s how it is.

Lucky old Blackbird Leys again.


Bowness Avenue