A TEENAGER who says she was raped in a portable toilet said she was not consenting but admitted she did not ask her attackers to leave her alone.

The girl, who cannot be named, was 14 when she attended a birthday party in Gagingwell, near Chipping Norton, on Saturday, March 7, last year.

Austin Blacker, 20, of North Street, Middle Barton, denies rape. A second man, Keith Harrison, 24, was also present in the toilet but has not been charged.

During cross examination on the second day of the trial at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, the girl admitted kissing both men shortly before the incident.

She said: “I thought it would make them go.”

Terence Woods, defending, said: “You responded with both of them?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Describing the alleged sex act, Mr Woods said: “He (Blacker) either invited it in terms or, at the very least, hinted at you that’s what he wanted you to do.”

The girl said: “No, but I don’t know. He didn’t ask me.”

Kevin Barry, prosecuting, said: “Did you want it to happen?”

“No, not at all,” replied the girl.

“Did you ask them to allow you to leave?”

She answered: “I don’t know, I just wasn’t thinking.”

Asked why she did not call out for help she said: “I just didn’t know what they would do if I did. I didn’t know them, I didn’t know what they’re capable of.”

The trial continues.