FIVE readers put forward names for some of the players in the Headington United picture from the 1930s (Memory Lane, July 12).

But Stuart Fathers, of Eynsham, has beaten them all – he has supplied not only all the names, but the club’s record for the season.

He writes: “I have this photograph in its original frame and all the names are hand-written. I inherited it from my late great uncle, Ronald Cooper, who appears in it.”

The players and officials pictured are: SW Jacobs, RJA Western, MC Lonie, GF Wyatt, HJ Nutt, L Parsons, HB Smith, AJ Lones, WT Jones, RW Philips, CH Manchin, IH Sanson, WA Imms, LH Ramson, RR Cooper and WW Hudson. Manchin was captain, Parsons was chairman, Jacobs was secretary and Weston was treasurer.

That year, the 1938-9 season, the club won the Oxfordshire Charity Cup, the Oxford Hospital Cup and the Oxfordshire Senior League, and were runners-up in the Oxfordshire Senior Cup.

They finished the season unbeaten, winning 24 and drawing two of their 26 games and scoring 124 goals with just 21 against.