WORKERS at the BMW Mini plant at Cowley put their heads together to try to identify their predecessors at a presentation (Memory Lane, July 19).

The picture was sent in by Sheila Charles, of Wendlebury, with only one man named – Duggie Pearce.

But David Read and colleagues have added eight more names – Pete Wyatt, Tony Harrison, Tony Miles, Norman Craddock, Ron Crees, Keith Lee, Basil Lister and Barry Williams.

Antoinette Earl, of Pangbourne, Berkshire, believes the young man in the middle of the back row looked like her dad, Chris Earl and believes another man was called Drinkwater.

Winifred Scott, of Tiddington, who was secretary to Norman Craddock, the manufacturing manager, also recognised Mick Newman, who was industrial relations manager.

Kathleen Hill, of Cowley, recognised her late husband Bert in the front row. She believes the picture was taken in 1979 at a 25 years’ service ceremony.