ARSONISTS who stole two mobility scooters from a block of flats and then set fire to them have been branded “senseless yobs” by their 90-year-old victim.

Great-grandfather Wilfred Harvey has been left housebound after his only means of transport were destroyed by the fire early on Monday.

He now faces a £700 bill to buy a new scooter.

Police have called the crime mindless and appealed for witnesses to help them trace the arsonists.

Mr Harvey lived in Barton for 70 years before moving to his ground-floor flat in Barton Road, Headington, in 1998.

He said: “I am absolutely gutted. The scooters were my only means of transport and now I am stuck in my house and cannot go anywhere.

“They were everything to me. I could visit my son and go for drinks with my old friends on a Saturday morning.

“Now I cannot do anything because I have problems walking anywhere. Those responsible are just senseless yobs who have no idea about how much hurt they have caused.”

The thieves entered the block of flats through an open window on the first floor sometime between midnight and 2am.

They then took the scooters, which were in the porch, before setting light to them yards from Mr Harvey’s front door.

He said: “I was asleep and did not hear anything. I only found out it had happened when I woke up.

“I do not understand why people do this.”

His grandson, Darren Harvey, has lived with him in the flat for the past three years.

The 28-year-old bricklayer said: “I can’t tell you how angry I am at the moment.

“It is a terrible thing to do to an old man. He has no enemies in the world and does not deserve this to happen to him.

“This will completely change his life because he can no longer enjoy that level of freedom.

“He bought the vehicles five years ago and it was the best buy he ever made. Now they are gone, and someone will have to pay a lot of money to replace them.”

Mr Harvey junior added: “I hope whoever did this actually sees the hurt they have caused.

“It may be mindless to them, but there are always victims. I would ask them to try and find whatever conscience they may have and come forward.”

Neighbourhood office Pc Colin Reid is investigating the crime.

He said: “This was a mindless act of vandalism on an old man, who cannot afford to buy himself a new scooter.

“I would appeal for anybody who has any information to come forward.”

Anyone with information should call police on 08458 505505 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.