REPAIRING vandalism in Witney has cost taxpayers almost £40,000 over the past five years, it has been revealed.

Mayor James Mills said: “Valuable resources, which we as a council can ill afford, are being directed away from the really important projects that we plan, thereby halting plans for the enjoyment of the whole of Witney.”

In the past 12 months the town council spent almost £8,000 fixing play equipment, cleaning graffiti off public property and repairing vandalised bus shelters.

“Play areas have had to be redesigned in some cases to vandal-proof-them, while in the past accidents have occurred when broken bottles and glass has been buried in grass play areas for children.”

Mr Mills added: “Sadly the perpetrators live in Witney and must be known to someone.

“Shielding these people from the law and recompense is nearly as bad as the acts themselves.

“If you know who they are, please come forward in the strictest confidence to either Thames Valley Police or the town council.

“Let us please put a stop to this malaise.”