AN animal rights campaigner planted home-made petrol bombs at two Oxford University sites, a court heard.

Mel Broughton, 49, is alleged to have been protesting against the building of a university-backed animal testing laboratory in the city.

Broughton of animal welfare group Speak, is accused of mounting a terrorist campaign against the university.

Two devices placed under a portable building at Templeton College failed to go off. One on the roof of Queen’s College’s cricket pavilion ignited, causing a blaze that resulted in nearly £14,000 worth of damage.

Each bomb used firework sparklers as a fuse, with the petrol in water bottles, Oxford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Broughton’s DNA was found on one of the unexploded devices, and also on a pack of sparklers found in an unused water tank at his home, the jury was told.

The first device was set at the cricket pavilion on November 18, 2006, with the unexploded devices at Templeton College found on February 26, 2007.

Broughton, of Semilong Road, Northampton, denies conspiracy to commit arson and an alternative charge of possession of an article with intent to destroy property.

The trial continues.