A couple have paid a touching tribute to their baby son who has lost his fight for life aged 18 weeks.

Finnley Froude was born 12 weeks premature at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital in February. He weighed just 1lb 4oz — less than a bag of sugar.

Months on the youngster he weighed in at 7lb 14oz, and mum and dad, Gemma and Luke, were hoping to take him home soon.

Sadly, on Thursday, June 3, he suffered complications with his heart and was not strong enough to survive what doctors believe was a virus or infection.

Mr and Mrs Froude, of Appleby Close, Banbury, said they were devastated at losing their “little battler”.

Mr Froude, 29, said: “It was completely unexpected. All of a sudden last Thursday morning, about 4.30am, we got a call to say Finnley had stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated.

“For some reason something didn’t sit right with us and we decided to go to hospital straight away.

“We went in and held hands with him.

“It was too much for him.”

Finnley had been diagnosed with chronic lung disease, which meant he may have suffered asthma, but he had no problems with his heart.

Mrs Froude, 28, a children’s nursery manager, said: “We were so lucky to have those few months with him.

“We could have had a day with him, but we had all that time. We are so proud of him.”

Finnley’s funeral will be held om Thursday, at 11am, at St Mary’s Church, in Church Street, Chipping Norton, where his parents were married in 2002, on Thursday at 11am.

They have asked for donations to the charity Ssnap, instead of flowers. The money will be used to furnish a family room at the neo-natal unit at the JR, which will be named after Finnley.