PENNY LITTLE (Oxford Mail ViewPoints, June 3) rightly points out the malign influence of the Countryside Alliance within the Conservative Party and the unprincipled way in which the Liberal Democrats have agreed to resurrect the hunting debate.

An opinion poll conducted by Ipsos Mori prior to the election found there were far more prospective Tory voters in favour of retaining the ban on hunting than were opposed to it, but David Cameron is not even interested in applying democratic principles within his own party.

The nation as a whole is overwhelmingly opposed to the reinstatement of hunting with hounds, but Cameron’s loyalty is to a decadent minority who wield power totally out of proportion to their numbers.

No doubt we can soon expect the Tory dirty tricks brigade to spring into action in order to manipulate our MPs into voting in favour of hunting or abstaining altogether. Nick Clegg and his cohorts will doubtless be willing participants.

PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington