I FEEL sorry for the children of today. They do not have it as good as me and my generation did while growing up during the 1960s.

At school, bullies were dealt with severely with the strap or slipper.

Teachers today are afraid of their own pupils, because they have no power over them.

We had no fizzy drinks or junk food machines. Mid-morning we were given a bottle of fresh milk to drink. Margaret Thatcher put an end to that.

At dinner-time, we always had meat and two veg. For our own good we were made to eat our greens. Kids today have burgers, chips and pizza.

A nurse regularly visited our school. Each child was checked for general health, cleanliness and signs of abuse.

We tell our kids today that they have everything handed to them – what rubbish! They have junk food, yobs for parents, and schools where bullies and unruly children are in charge.

BRIAN DUFFY Ashurst Way Rose Hill Oxford