I WAS surprised and disgusted to read that Tesco is planning to take over the site which was Borders bookshop (Oxford Mail, June 4).

Not content with one hideous monstrosity on the corner of St Aldate’s and Speedwell Street, they plan to make a mockery of a part of Oxford which people come to visit.

I agree with John Parkinson: the fish and game stalls will be no more in the Covered Market if this store is allowed to open.

The parking in Oxford is already outrageous, let alone with another supermarket in the centre.

We could do with a Tesco at Templars Square, in Cowley.

There is a site empty which has been vacant, on and off, for the past 10 years.

I know we have a Tesco not far from these, but how can you get there without a car or bike? The bus service is abysmal. One must take two buses to get there.

At least the city council had the sense to dismiss Tesco’s plea to sell alcohol at all hours in St Aldate’s.

Perhaps, even now, they may not allow this proposal to come to fruition.

MARY STIFF, Corunna Crescent, Cowley, Oxford