I WRITE TO EXPRESS my disgust at the sentence given to Oxford United footballer Adam Chapman for causing the death of Tom Bryan through using a mobile phone, not once, but 24 times, while driving (Oxford Mail, June 5).

This was no accident. Using a mobile phone while driving is a deliberate act and is a criminal offence, because of the number of deaths caused in the past to innocent road users.

Killing someone through phoning while driving is tantamount to murder and deserves the appropriate sentence. Instead, Adam Chapman is give a 30-month jail sentence, which could be reduced to a mere 15 months.

Oxford United’s chairman Kelvin Thomas referred to the tragedy simply as “unfortunate” and seems mainly concerned that Chapman should be playing football again in 15 months.

Tom Bryan will not be back in 15 months – his sentence and that of his family is permanent. To them it is rather more than “unfortunate”.

It seems to me that some professional footballers are so drunk with the enormous pay they get (not earn) that they are a law until themselves.

As a cyclist (just six years younger than Mr Bryan was) I am horrified at the number of drivers still using mobile phones and in my village as well.

Don’t they realise that they are committing a criminal offence, and more importantly, putting my life and the lives of others at risk?

Hopefully, this case will be a warning to them.

BRIAN RICHARDSON, Balliol Close, Tackley