Are the great British public going to fall for the Con-Dem coalition’s latest economic plans to implement savage cuts on our public services?

These will decimate schools, the NHS and other social services – mainly affecting the poor and vulnerable.

Apparently things are worse than our Prime Minister David Cameron first thought, so everyone in the country will be affected.

Does that include the PM himself, whose £140,000 salary must seem like small change compared to his wealth.

What about the disgraced former minister David Laws, another wealthy politician who fiddled us, the taxpayers, out of £40,000?

Will Adam Crozier, the controversial former boss of Royal Mail, who some have accused of destroying that business, suffer with the £2.4m he made in his final year, now he has gone over to ITV?

Likewise the executives at BT who shared a bonus of £1.2m, as their business suffers proposed industrial action by workers, who must have some claim to helping make the company a healthy £1bn profit? New Labour were another right wing party who oversaw Thatcherite policy wedded to big business at the expense of workers, pensioners and the vulnerable – people who used to be looked after by ‘Old’ Labour.

Filthy rich MPs increase their wealth while hard-working ordinary people struggle along.

I sincerely hope these same people don’t fall for the lies that the deficit should be paid by us.

Start with the bankers, stop spending billions on illegal wars and weapons, stop MPs’ expenses, and tax the rich fairly.

I’d be quite happy if the wealthy paid the same rate of tax as me and every other hardworking Brit.

The fact is many pay next to nothing due to loopholes and other tax dodges.

That would bring down this country’s deficit by billions – and that truly would affect everyone.

Tim W Siret

Millmoor Crescent