WE AGAIN read of a pupil being sent home from school because her dress code did not meet the uniform standard requirement (Oxford Mail, June 7).

Of course, during my school days, certain individuals risked pushing the boundaries by not wearing uniforms correctly.

However, we knew this carried the penalty of lengthy detentions if caught.

This sharp tug on the lead soon brought us back into line. We certainly would not have had our parents’ support in breaking the school rules.

Uniform is just that, and no individual should be different from the rest of the school. This promotes discipline and should give a sense of pride. For pupils eager to learn, it is strange they continue breaching rules, to the extent of being sent home.

I know teachers have a difficult time nowadays and they should be able to expect parents’ support in maintaining a good disciplined learning environment, rather than seeing them support pupils with their misguided principles. CHRISTOPHER BROGDEN, Mill Road, Abingdon