I SEE that the animal lovers are already suggesting that our new Prime Minister is a bloodthirsty, thoroughly nasty person who’ll overturn the fox hunting ban at the earliest opportunity.

Personally, I hope he does, but does it in such a way that makes it illegal to trespass with hounds on to others’ private property – only because of the risk to children, pets and damage to private property.

The threat of a mandatory prison sentence on the leader of the hunt should create a more considerate hunt.

I’m sure Bea Bradley and all the other animal lovers will argue that the judiciary are perhaps a little too close to the action to be unbiased in court, so let’s open up the legal fraternity to more public scrutiny, with judges being voted into their positions by taxpayers in the 50-65 year age bracket only.

This would ensure those voted in are done so by experienced people who haven’t yet lost their marbles – a medical examination being a prerequisite to ensure no early onset of dementia – both for voters and judges.

If politicians are expected to be transparent regarding the use of public funds, the same should apply to the judiciary.

Next job? Get rid of all laws not practically policeable. Also reverse laws that give different sections of UK society additional rights and protection over others.

Let’s see everyone being treated equally under the law with no exceptions.

This should save a fortune.

MICK HEAVEY, Oxford Road, Old Marston, Oxford