RUBBISH in Cowley, Oxford, was left uncollected during the recent hot weather because a refuse lorry could not get down a street.

Wheelie bins in Coleridge Close were not collected on the scheduled day — last Thursday — because parked cars made it impossible for the bin lorry to get through.

And the rubbish was left to stink in the 26C heat over the weekend after several attempts to collect the rubbish failed.

Six days after the scheduled collection, Oxford City Council organised a smaller refuse truck and the rubbish was eventually cleared away.

The reason for the delay added insult to injury for residents forced to endure the smell, as they have spent months campaigning for measures to deal with chronic parking congestion in their street.

Carol Sculley said she had complained to the city council several times about the failed bin collection. But she said despite reassurances, the bins remained full over the weekend.

She added: “It is ridiculous, there was an awful smell from the wheelie bins and I told the council it was a health hazard.”

Mrs Sculley, who is retired, said the bin lorry often had trouble getting down Coleridge Close because of parked cars.

She added: “They should just walk the bins down because it’s not miles. But this boils down again to the blasted parking. Something needs to be done about it.”

City council spokesman Fiona Colcutt confirmed that access problems had prevented the bins being collected.

She added: “Refuse crews have now been down with a smaller vehicle and the bins have been collected.”

She said the delay had been due to problems getting a smaller bin lorry which could get down the street.

Last month the Oxford Mail reported that residents in the area were demanding action to combat parking problems outside their homes. Many say they face a daily struggle to get off their drives and others find it impossible to park when they return because the streets, close to Cowley Centre, are being used by commuters and shoppers Streets affected include St Luke’s Road, Coleridge Close and Knolles Road.

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for on-street parking in the city.

Last night it confirmed there were no on-street parking restrictions for the streets.

A spokesman said the parking problem had been recognised and talks were being held with residents to resolve the issue.