When every vote counts it is astonishing that David Cameron flaunts his contempt for animal welfare.

The Conservative manifesto includes the following: “The Hunting Act has proved unworkable. A Conservative government will give parliament the opportunity to repeal the Act on a free vote, with a government bill in government time.”

This will bring back fox, stag and hare hunting, hare coursing, and all the havoc associated with these cruel pastimes.

Some hunters have flouted and ignored the Act but surely that is reason to close the loopholes and better enforce the Act, not to repeal it and reward criminals?

And this plan for a return to bloodsports is not in the animal welfare section of the manifesto – but the civil liberties part!

Yet as hunting can thrive without the pursuit of live quarry, why return to the cruel old days?

Seeking change is fine but change for the better is needed not a return to past savagery.

MJ Huskisson,

Animal Welfare Information