DENNIS the Menace, Bananaman and Captain Equality were among the superheroes who travelled through Oxfordshire as part of a New Fathers for Justice demonstration.

About 40 fathers – and some mothers – from across the country gathered in the centre of Oxford on Saturday.

The group travelled the streets in two battle buses before heading to Witney to Conservative Party leader David Cameron’s constituency off-ice, where they met Henry Bellingham, Conservative shadow spokesman for justice, who spoke to them for 30 minutes.

The protesters also held placards and brandished David Cameron masks.

New Fathers for Justice national co-ordinator Nigel Ace, from Bristol, who was dressed as Captain Equality, hailed the event as a success.

He said: “We had a lot of people coming up to us and saying they are all facing these problems, so we had a good response.

“It got a bit hot under these suits but it was worth it.”

New Fathers for Justice campaigns for fathers to have more equal access to their children following family breakdown. Members have staged a number of high profile protests in Oxfordshire.

In November, campaigners dressed as superheroes held two demonstrations, one in Oxford and one in Witney.

They protested outside the court building in St Aldate’s, and at least one protester attempted to scale the side of the building. They later gathered outside Mr Cameron’s office in Witney, where they brandished an effigy of Gordon Brown but were prevented from setting light to it by police.

And in June 2009, two dads dressed as a superhero and a court jester climbed Carfax Tower, unfurling banners at the top during a three hour demo.

The original Fathers for Justice disbanded in 2008 and New Fathers for Justice took its place. They dress as superheroes because they believe that is how fathers should be treated.