Polish security guard Jakub Mucha was dragged out of his car at a petrol station in Oxford by a gang who stabbed him and beat him with baseball bats.

Mr Mucha, 20, from Cowley, was at Tesco's petrol station at Oxford retail park, when he was attacked by the gang of four or five men.

He was taken to hospital following the incident last Wednesday and needed stitches to a cut in his ear.

Mr Mucha, who works as a security guard for 001 Taxis in St Aldate's, said he reported the attack to the police and hopes officers will track down his attackers.

He said: "I don't know why they did this to me, and I want the police to catch them."

One of Mr Mucha's colleagues at the taxi firm, a 28-year-old woman who asked not to be named, said Mr Mucha had been living in the country for a year.

She added: "When he arrived at the petrol station, he was dragged out of his silver Mazda and given a terrible beating.

"The gang had baseball bats and he took a terrible beating for a beefy lad. They had baseball bats and it looks like they stabbed him in the ear with a knife.

"Jakub didn't stand much of a chance and an ambulance was called.

"He doesn't speak very good English but I know he is very angry about what happened and wants the police to investigate.

"It was a vicious attack, and it looks like it was totally unprovoked."

Victoria Bartlett, a spokesman for Thames Valley Police, said: "This was a serious assault on the forecourt of the Tesco garage and officers are investigating."

Any witnesses should call Dc Mark Tarbit at Oxford CID on 08458 505505.