CHILDREN watched as a cat was kicked to death.

The blood-stained body of the young tabby was left lying on the pavement in a Witney street.

Now police are appealing for witnesses to track down the thug who just walked away.

Pc Steve Thompson described the killing as "a horrific act of cruelty," adding: He is investigating the case with the RSPCA. "A man was definitely seen kicking the cat. He kicked it to death and just left it lying there."

The brutal attack was reported by a woman living near the scene in Corn Street. It happened at around 9.30pm and officers are anxious to trace children known to have been witnesses.

"We are appealing for them to come forward and help us identify the person who did this," added Pc Thompson.

"They can bring their mum or dad along. We need their help to bring whoever did this to justice," said Pc Thompson.

The cat's owner lives in the area, near the Corn Street bus garage.

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