CAMPAIGNERS waved banners as they protested against the closure of three of Oxfordshire's community hospitals before a meeting to discuss the proposals.

About 100 people gathered outside Towler Hall at Oxford's Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre where Oxfordshire Health Authority (OHA) heard the feelings of residents in the towns affected.

Hospitals in Burford, Wallingford and Watlington are threatened with closure under two plans put forward by Oxfordshire Community Health NHS Trust which has been told by OHA to slash £1.5m from its budget.

Other hospitals could have beds axed and 11 representatives from each community hospital spoke at the meeting.

Nick Leadbetter, a spokesman for the newly-formed Save Oxfordshire's Community Hospitals and Services, said: "This is a whole bunch of people who are really concerned about the effects on the community of what are proposed as irreversible changes."

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