DIvorced Pauline Stringer, who never got over the shock of her husband leaving her for her sister, was found dead from an overdose.

The unemployed shop assistant, 44, of Girdlestone Road, Headington, had tried to take her own life many times in the past by cutting her wrists or taking overdoses, an Oxford inquest heard.

But Oxfordshire coroner Nicholas Gardiner recorded an open verdict saying he could not be sure she meant to kill herself because she had drunk a lot of strong lager and may have taken too many tablets by mistake.

Mrs Stringer's boyfriend, Barry Holland, said he returned home at 2am on June 13 to find her lying across their bed snoring loudly. When he went to wake her at 8am she was dead.

Mr Holland added: "She did suffer badly from depression and never got over her husband leaving her to go and live with her sister."

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