FORMER Oxford United favourite Kevin Brock has hit out at Banbury United boss Phil Lines following reports claiming he quit the Hellenic League high-fliers.

Brock, one of Oxford United's 1986 Milk Cup-winning heroes, was recruited by Lines in the summer to add experience to his side.

But the former Oxford City player-manager only played a handful of games this season.

And he was left out of the squad altogether for the recent game against Bicester Town.

Confirming that Brock had left the club, Lines said: "He just decided that for some reason. He was left out of the team at Bicester and he is not involved any more. It is no big fall out. It is all low key.

"He has left on decent terms. I hope he stays in the game because he has given a lot to the game."

Brock, however, was angry with claims made by Lines saying he had walked out.

"Phil Lines has said that I didn't want to play for them any more," explained Brock. "He left me out against Bicester about a fortnight ago and got me down there and I wasn't even sub or anything. I thought that was wrong.

"To treat someone like that is bad. He didn't want me about, but if you are in man management you don't treat people like that."

Now Brock is to have talks with Bicester Town manager Barry Grant about joining them.

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