JT Commercial/Fox Oxford Cheetahs are still without a win after four Elite League meetings but they don't have the worst record.

That unenviable label falls to Belle Vue, who have lost their six opening meetings.

Something will have to give tomorrow as the pair clash at Sandy Lane.

Even though they lost out to Coventry on Friday, Oxford can take some comfort from the fact that Roman Povazhny came good.

With that sort of display plus a couple of more points from the other lower-order riders, Cheetahs' elusive first victory is not too far away.

Promoter Steve Purchase admits he effectively has a three-man team, but unlike last year when he was content to retain the same side throughout the season, he has told the riders to perform or suffer the consequences. Writing in the programme, Purchase said: "It's essential in my view that the new riders are given some time to show what they can do.

"There is no way the team can be changed until the first set of green sheet averages are produced and teams have to ride three away and three home Elite League meetings before they come into effect.

"I chose to bring in fresh new talent that would be available for Oxford for years, rather than bringing in established English riders.

"This means, however, that we have to be patient."

Looking at the averages, it's clear to see where the problems lie.

Ales Dryml, who was given an assessed average of 7.50, has not even reached an average of one point so far, currently standing at 0.67. The same goes for Jon Underwood, while Lukas Dryml fares slightly better at 2.57.

Todd Wiltshire gets top marks with 9.17 with Jimmy Nilsen on 8.36 and Steve Johnston on 6.86.