Richard Knight's outstanding form in the last couple of games could lead to Denis Smith making his capture one of the first priorities when this season ends.

The on-loan Derby County keeper made a string of brilliant saves in both Easter games, and United's manager looks set to contact his Pride Park counterpart Jim Smith to see if they'll let him go.

"For a young lad of 20, he's done outstandingly well," Denis Smith said.

"I've chatted to him. He seems keen to join us and I think they'd release him though I don't now want to pressure them and then find they feel they have to ask money for him."

He added: "As a goalkeeper, he looks as though he's got the lot his temperament, he's agile, he takes his crosses and he's a good shot-stopper. For a lad of 20, I think he's been excellent, in fact I'm amazed he's that age because he seems much older."