The author of a report that criticised a council's treatment of disabled people has now praised the council for taking steps to remedy the problems.

David Sindall, who highlighted Oxford City Council's lack of knowledge on disabled issues, said it was one of the few authorities to admit it had a problem and which tried to resolve matters quickly.

Mr Sindall wrote the report for Radar the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation and was commissioned by the local authority to investigate disability awareness.

He said: "This organisation has weaknesses and it admits them, but it is also effective at trying to solve them. Few authorities of Oxford's size will commission a report such as this and then take urgent steps to remedy the problems. "This should not be seen as an attack on the council. Instead, it should be praised for tackling issues others don't bother with."

Radar suggested 35 areas where the council could improve disabled rights after pointing out the considerable work that was needed.

Its study listed council buildings where disabled facilities were inadequate, and alleged that some senior officers had little understanding of the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act. Chief executive Bob Block said: "I believe we are the only authority in the area to undertake such an audit and to have our senior officers interviewed on a 'warts and all' basis.

"We hope the result will have helped broaden people's understanding of disability issues. We are determined to carry out the recommendations and report back to councillors in June."