More than 150 years of tradition could come to an end when Oxford and Cambridge players take to the field for the University Match at Lord's next Tuesday.

There is a real danger that this could be the last match of this historic series to take place at the headquarters of cricket.

"It's no secret that the English Cricket Board are seeking more commercial uses for Lord's," said Oxford University treasurer Simon Porter, who revealed that a proposal to move the University Match away from Lord's had been mooted. "Discussions are in a very preliminary stage and no decison has yet been taken," said Porter. "The University Match is no great money-spinner, indeed it probably costs the MCC money to stage the game."

Porter is pinning his hopes on the MCC, who are very aware of the tradition of the game and have the final say as to who plays on their ground.

The oldest surviving first-class fixture, the University Match dates from 1827, and wartime interruptions apart, it has been played annually since 1838.

With the exception of five matches played in Oxford (1829, 1843, 1846, 1848 and 1850), all the fixtures have been at Lord's.