A student has been left "terrified" after police boarded a crowded bus and questioned her.

Sarah Perry, 17, who has never been in trouble with the police, said she felt like a criminal and wants an apology.

She was travelling to college in Oxford from her home in Wychwood Drive, Milton-under-Wychwood, when the Stagecoach bus was diverted at Oxford railway station and boarded by six officers looking for a missing girl. Two policemen singled out Sarah, demanded identification and questioned her.

Sarah, a first-year GNVQ performing arts student at Oxford College of Further Education, said: "I was really shocked and thought I had done something wrong.

"They asked if I was called Jackie and demanded identification. I said no, but they didn't believe me. I showed them my student card but they were reluctant to take it.

"They didn't explain what they were doing, or apologise. I was shocked and was worried all day in case it happened again."

After the incident, Sarah's father, Robin Perry, contacted Stagecoach for an explanation.

Stagecoach spokesman David Whitley said police had asked them to divert the bus after a missing girl was reported to have been seen boarding it in Burford.

He said: "However, on arrival at Oxford Rail Station, three police cars were waiting for the bus, and six officers boarded, which seemed a little excessive.

He added: "We can understand both the girl and her father being upset by the incident."

Insp Paul Fox said: "If there are approaches to Thames Valley Police from the family about this incident we will carry out a thorough investi- gation."