One of Abingdon's oldest pubs is looking forward to a revival after licensing justices granted it a licence for the next three years.

The Beehive in Stert Street, owned by Greene King, was closed for a month when a licence application was rejected.

Then a new company, Gold Cater, from Reading which runs five pubs in Oxford, Nuneham Courtenay, Warborough, Whitchurch and Reading stepped in with new managers - Andrew Reilly, 27, and his partner Sue Groombridge.

The couple are hard at work to revive the pub's fortunes. The interior and exterior are being re-decorated and there are plans to have darts and pools teams. There is entertainment most Saturday nights.

Mr Reilly, a teetotaller, said: "We aim to get this pub back on track. When I first saw this pub I thought it had a lot of potential here in the centre of Abingdon and we aim to realise that potential.

"The authorities have confidence in us and now we can go ahead to restore this old pub. It has a wonderful history and with the help of well-behaved customers we can restore the Beehive's reputation."