Old air force houses have been used as the setting for a new television series.

The first episode of the satirical drama Residents is due to be shown on BBC2 tonight.

Filming took place at the former RAF Upper Heyford airfield, now known as Heyford Park. Crews took about three months last autumn to shoot episodes at Carswell Circle, which was built for RAF families before the Second World War.

Keith Watson, chief executive of the North Oxfordshire Consortium, said: "We had just refurbished the houses to let them out when the television company asked if they could use the homes. It was amusing to see that they roughed up the interior paint and wallpaper we had just put up." About half a dozen homes were used for the series.

Mr Watson added: "Since filming finished we have let all the houses."

The North Oxfordshire Consortium is running the airfield in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence.

Around 800 people live in former British and American housing and many of the buildings are leased to firms.