Parents Christopher and Emma Taylor have been left heartbroken after vandals ripped apart flowers at a memorial to their baby daughter.

Nerys Taylor died, aged 17 days, from meningitis just over two years ago. Mr and Mrs Taylor planted a silver birch in her memory, in the front garden of their home in Walterbush Road, Chipping Norton.

Christopher and Emma Taylor with their son Callum at the memorial to Nerys

On the second anniversary of her death they placed pink and white carnations next to the tree.

To their dismay, they found the flowers had been shredded.

Mr Taylor said: "It was terrible, someone ripped them apart and threw them all over the road."

The couple have four children Liam, six, Connor, five, Callum, three and Darren, who is nearly one, and are expecting another child in August.

Mrs Taylor said: "We are really cross and upset. People really should think before they do things like this. Destroying these flowers was really out of line."

They have reported the vandalism to the police.

Pc Kim Reed said: "The family is naturally upset as a result of this very mean action and, if the culprit reads this, he or she will know how much grief has been caused. Anybody with an idea who did this can call me on 01608 648715."