A Pakistani boy receiving hospital treatment in Oxford has been re-united with his mother for the first time in six months.

Seerat Nigar was denied a visa to Britain when her ten-year-old son Mohammad Iqbal, who suffers from Crohn's disease, was flown over to get help from doctors at the John Radcliffe hospital.

He weighed just three stone when he was first admitted to the JR, and his family - backed by consultant paediatric surgeon Hugh Grant - claimed his mother's presence would help him make a full recovery.

They had to fight against the Foreign Office, which believed Mrs Nigar would not return to Pakistan when her son was fit and well.

Officials finally agreed to give her access two months ago, and she arrived in London on Saturday. Her arrival was kept secret from Mohammad, who was surprised with an emotional reunion.

His uncle, Tahir Mahmood, said: "He's already improved in the last two days since seeing his mother. He says it is like being in a dream world."

Mohammad is now 45 per cent better, according to Mr Mahmood, and returns to Oxford for regular check-ups. However, it could take another couple of years before he is back to full health.