Excitement is mounting with the British Grand Prix, being held for the first time at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, just over four weeks away.

Interest in the event grows by the day and many people are still after tickets and transport to the event.

Tickets are available from Oxford promoter Vanessa Purchase on race nights, or you can also get them through ticketmaster.

The Grand Prix circus just seems to get bigger all the time and this event is all set to be the greatest competition British speedway has seen since the last world final at Wembley in 1981.

I was lucky enough to have been there and can remember it as if it were yesterday.

Anyone who misses the Cardiff event will regret it.

All three Cheetahs riders, Todd Wiltshire, Leigh Adams, and Brian Andersen, are in the top ten of the world standings after one event.

With the British GP guaranteed not to be affected by rain, and the surface being laid by some of the best track men in British speedway, it should give the Cheetahs trio a chance to boost their placings.

Standings (top ten): 1 Tomasz Gollob 25; 2 Henrik Gustafsson 20; 3 Nicki Pedersen 18; 4 Tony Rickardsson 16; 5 Peter Karlsson 15; 6 Todd Wiltshire 14; 7 Leigh Adams 12; 8 Ryan Sullivan 10; 9 Greg Hancock 8; 10 Brian Andersen 8.

*Oxford Cheetahs have slipped to third spot in the Sky Sports Elite League.

The disappointing aspect for Cheetahs is that if they had beaten Kings Lynn and won at Wolverhampton - as they were expected to - they would have 16 points now and still be top.