Drivers are being urged to prepare for summer by carrying out a few basic checks on their cars.

Paul Brayley, franchise director at Johnsons Honda, said: "Better weather conditions encourage drivers to spend more time on the roads, and with Bank Holiday weekends and the summer coming, many people are planning breaks in Britain.

"Johnsons has come up with a few DIY tips to make sure that longer journeys are safe."

Service manager Paul Bartle said: "If the air-conditioning in your car is working properly, then the temperature inside should be noticeably colder than outside. If not, contact your dealer.

"Honda UK advises checking oil levels regularly and particularly before a long journey. The vehicle should be on level ground and the engine switched off for five minutes before removing the dipstick. Wipe clean with a dry cloth, re-insert it and check the level.

"The oil mark should lie between the minimum and maximum line, but nearer the maximum. Top up if needed."

Mr Bartle added: "Washer levels should be topped up and tyre treads kept above the legal minimum of 1.6mm tread. A tread gauge costs about £2 from high street car accessory shops.

"Check the spare and ensure that all tyres are at the correct pressure. This is best done when the tyres are cold.

"Petrol levels should be kept high to avoid engine damage from tank sediment, particularly in older cars."

Brake and clutch fluid levels should be checked regularly and low levels could indicate a problem. A local dealer should check it out.

The engine radiator level should be checked, but Johnsons recommends doing this only when it is cold and on level ground. The level should be between the minimum and maximum mark.