JT/FOX Oxford Cheetahs take on a different look for their Elite League Knockout Cup tie against Eastbourne at the Stadium tomorrow.

Brian Anderson

New averages come into play for the match and Knockout Cup rules also allow teams to name their top five riders in any order.

Cheetahs are in a unique position as they already know what the averages will be for June - despite the cut off being May 15.

Knockout Cup matches do not count for average calculation and, with no league match until May 18 (at home to Poole), it gives the management some extra time to decide on the permutation of the team.

The only real change is that Brian Andersen becomes a heat leader with Steve Johnston dropping to second string.

However, Cheetahs fans should be prepared for a totally different line up against Eastbourne as the management tinker with the team to get maximum results.

Looking further ahead, Cheetahs' averages from June 1 mean that Lukas Dryml is promoted to heat leader status.

However, it does give the management plenty of opportunity with Johnston and Todd Wiltshire as second strings.

An interesting month looks in prospect.

Cheetahs new averages: Leigh Adams (10.79), Brian Andersen (7.86), Todd Wiltshire (6.22), Lukas Dryml (6.00), Steve Johnston (6.00), Ales Dryml (5.57), Andrew Appleton (3.24).

Cheetahs averages from June 1: Leigh Adams (10.98), Brian Andersen (7.68), Lukas Dryml (6.84), Todd Wiltshire (6.63), Steve Johnston (5.29), Ales Dryml (4.97), Andrew Appleton (2.86 rounded up to 3.00).

*Poole Pirates will be slightly weakened, in my opinion, under the new averages as their hot-shot reserve pairing of Krystof Cegielski and Hans Andersen are no longer at reserve.

This means they can't have seven rides a meeting, and can only take an extra ride as a tactical substitute.

It shows that assessed averages continue to be a lottery as this pair both came in on 4.50 when last year the Dryml brothers, Ales and Lukas, were stuck with 7.50 and 5.00, for Cheetahs.

*Eastbourne announced on their website on Tuesday that they had signed Kelvin Tatum to replace Marcus Andersson, and that he would be making his debut at Oxford tomorrow.

However, this was news to Oxford promoter Vanessa Purchase, who had been given Eastbourne's team in the morning without Tatum in it.

The news was quickly withdrawn later in the day as it would appear that there was a last-minute hiccup over averages!

*Ex-Cheetah Alun Rossiter has been drafted into the Wolverhampton side as a replacement for Wayne Broadhurst.

One of speedway's all-time characters, 'Rosco' is thrilled to be joining Wolves again.