War is about to break out in the centre of Abingdon - much to the delight of the town's youngsters.

Oxfordshire County Council is teaming up with war games specialist company, Games Workshop, to organise an afternoon of battles at the Charter Library on Thursday, May 31.

Library manager Kelvin Eveleigh said it was the first time the two had joined forces, but he and his staff were keen to find out if the unusual partnership would succeed in promoting the library to teenage boys.

He said: "Gamers read avidly, devouring novels and short story monthlies as well as battle rulebooks and magazines, but many of them are not regular users of county council libraries.

"We are keen to encourage teenagers to rediscover their local library as good places to come in their free time. We have a lot to offer in terms of reading materials, videos and CDs, and computer-based information."

Free tickets to the event can be collected from the library on 01235 520374.