A young girl from Oxford plays a part in a new BBC TV series that began last night.

Hollie Cozier-Puttock, aged three, of Fox Crescent, south Oxford, beat 20 other children to win the part of baby Nel in the new show Residents..

Staff at the Rocking Horse Nursery in Cornwallis Road, Cowley, told Hollie's mum Anita Cozier about the auditions, which were held at Upper Heyford, so she took Hollie, pictured right, along.

Ms Cozier said: "The BBC phoned back that night and offered her the part.

"Hollie is playing the daughter of a single mother who makes a living from talking on the phone. She does have to say a few words, but mostly just plays."

The series was filmed at the former American Air Force base at Upper Heyford last summer. It took three months to complete.

Residents is a dark comedy about squabbling neighbours.

Ms Cozier said: "They all come together at the end to save Hollie, who falls down a well."