Volunteers are being sought for a new scheme to help young people in custody.

The Appropriate Adult Volunteer Service sends workers to police stations to support youngsters under the age of 17 when their parent or carer is unavailable.

Project supervisor Nova Owen said: "A police custody suite can be a daunting place for a youngster without parental back-up.

"It's a vital part of the legal process and provides help to a young person who may be at rock bottom."

Volunteers help to ensure that their clients understand their rights and support them while being interviewed.

The Oxford scheme is being launched on Monday, but organisers are already seeking volunteers to give up a few hours a month.

Anyone aged 18 to 80, who has transport and is sympathetic toward young people, can apply for a place on the project which is run by the Parents and Children Together charity.

Full training and support will be provided. Call Paul Booker on 01865 208200.