One of Oxford's oldest shoe shops, founded in the 1850s, is to close at the end of the year.

Megan Hooper, owner and manageress of R Gillman, of Broad Street, said she blamed the Oxford Transport Strategy and rent rises imposed by the city council for the closure.

Ms Hooper said: "We lost 20 per cent of our children's trade alone during the first year of OTS simply because parents could no longer park in Broad Street and pop in for children's shoes after school finished for the day.

"We now close at 5pm on weekdays, instead of 5.30pm. That part of our trade has disappeared."

She said the council was seeking a higher rent for the shop as the lease came up for renewal.

The shop no longer has a connection with the Gillman family. Ms Hooper's mother, Margaret Edwards, took over the business in 1972.

Shoe shop Macsamillion is to take over the store.

Martin Lyons, property co-ordinator for the city council, said: "The new lease shows that the council is striking a balance between maintaining the viability and mix of retailing in Oxford and the legal commitment to obtain best value for taxpayers from commercial properties."