William Osborn-King

Oxford dentist William Osborn-King has died, aged 79.

The former St Edward's School pupil came from a well-known city family.

His father, also William, was Mayor of Oxford in 1951-52 and read the proclamation at Carfax declaring Princess Elizabeth Queen. The family owned outfitters Zacharias, in Cornmarket Street.

Mr Osborn-King trained in London, but returned to Oxford to practise. He served a term as president of the British Dental Association.

He was an accomplished pianist and organist and was president of the Clarendon Club.

A friend, Sydney Brookfield, said: "He was a unique man and we don't come across his like very often."

After retiring, Mr Osborn-King moved to Dorchester-on-Thames. His funeral was held at the Abbey on Friday. He leaves his wife, Irene, two sons, a daughter, and four grandchildren.