New Oxfordshire coach Matt Maudsley admitted it had been a "nightmare", preparing the side for their Tetley's Bitter County Championship campaign, which starts with a game against Gloucestershire at Lydney tomorrow.

Forty-eight hours before the match, Maudsley, who was appointed by the county after leading Oxford Harlequins to the Southern Counties North title this season, was still unable to name a side.

"It's been a nightmare getting things ready," said the former Henley captain. "It's been difficult to plan ahead, with clubs involved in the Oxfordshire Cup and important league matches.

"Everything's up in the air, with players suffering injures at the end of a long season."

Oxon were even unable to name a captain for the campaign, which is on a knockout basis this season.

Following a good run two years ago - there was no county championship last season - Oxon have been placed in the top-16 group against some of the strongest counties.

They would face relegation should they lose all three matches.

The winners of Gloucesterhire v Oxfordshire will be away on May 11 to the winners of Saturday's tie between Lancashire and Kent, with the respective losers facing each other.